Birchbank B&B Covid 19 Secure Policy

The world is a very different place since the Coronavirus pandemic and so we wanted to reassure you that you can have confidence when booking a stay with us. The health of our guests is the most important thing to us along side the enjoyment of your stay.

The Birchbank B & B, with easy access to the coast is an ideal location with so much clean fresh air and wide open spaces. To ensure social distancing within Birchbank Bed & Breakfast we have put a number of measures in place and will be constantly reviewing these.

We have always had great pride ourselves in our high levels of cleanliness. 
Our cleaning products have always been sourced professionally so you’re safe in the knowledge that they do the job above and beyond what is required. We have no staff so we are the only two people who have contact with you.
No guest glassware, crockery or cutlery is hand washed – it all goes through the dishwasher. All linen is professionally laundered, with the exception of dressing gowns so we will temporarily not be supplying these.

Below you will find details of the actions we are taking to keep us all safe following completion of a risk assessment. This is mandatory to allow us to open. This policy is based on current Government guidance for hospitality businesses. As their advice changes, we will update this document so if your booking is a little way off it is a good idea to check back nearer the time and have another read as things may have changed.

We have changed some of the things we do to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. Please read through the list as some of these will mean your stay is a little different from before. We have tried to retain our individualism and little touches where possible and can reassure you that a great experience

Before you arrive
As per Government advice, please do not travel to us if you or anyone in your party is showing any of the common symptoms of Coronavirus (ie fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell). We will work with you to re-arrange your stay for a future date.

Most of our guests arrive by car. Under normal circumstances, we applaud the use of public transport, especially as we are on the route voted most scenic in Scotland. However, during this current period, we would appreciate it if you could avoid public transport where possible, both minimising the chance of infection en-route or during your stay. We have free parking available for every room.

We would kindly ask that before leaving your vehicle you use an appropriate hand sanitiser.

Check in
We will ask you for a check in window and where necessary, may ask you to move your check in time slightly to avoid another guests arrival. We would usually open the front door for you personally. If we see you arriving on the car park, we will pre-open the door so you can push it open yourselves.
If you do arrive at the same time as another guest, please wait in the car until they have moved to allow social distancing. Likewise, if you arrive at the front door and someone is already checking in, please wait until they have moved on. There is a bench by the front door for you to take a seat.
Please note that  unless it becomes a mandatory requirement we won’t be taking your temperature on arrival. We do however reserve the right to ask you to take a forehead temperature test with a medical grade infrared thermometer is you appear unwell. Should we record a temperature of 38°C or above, we will ask you to return home and self-isolate as per the Government guidance. We will rearrange your stay for a future date.
Hand sanitiser is available on the sideboard and we encourage you to use this whenever you enter.
We won’t be asking you to complete the usual registration form so there should be nothing to complete or sign. We will be maintaining a social distance during check-in so we are sorry no hugs for the time being! Your key will be placed in your room and will have been sanitised since the last guest.
If you do not require assistance with your luggage we will not come to your room with you and instead will direct you to it. Our usual Guest Information folder has been removed, as well the Tourism Guide Book , but they are available on request.


If you would like us to carry your bags to your room, we will follow you at a safe distance and place your bags outside your door. We will sanitise our hands immediately before and afterwards. On good weather days you can also enjoy your arrival  in the garden. Where ever you choose to sit we would ask that you respect social distancing measures.
Once a guest has left the sitting room the tables will be sanitised as will outside tables and chairs when used.

Common Areas and stairway
You will find more hand sanitiser on the window sill on the staircase. We would suggest you allow priority to those coming up the stairs. If you see someone coming down the stairs, please stand back and pop back into the room so you can social distance. If you see someone coming up the stairs please just pop back into your bedroom until they have accessed their room. We are aiming to stagger breakfast to minimise guests meeting on their way to the breakfast room.

Your bedroom
A welcome letter on the bed will explain our room servicing policy and remind you of the most important aspects of our COVID-19 Secure Policy.
All touch surfaces will have special attention and sanitizing between guests, including light switch, lamps switches, hospitality trays, door handles, remote controls, window handles, tiled surfaces etc.
During your stay we would encourage plenty of natural ventilation so please open windows as much as possible.

The decorative cushions and runner will be removed from bedrooms to make cleaning and sanitising easier. All the linen and towels in your room, are commercially laundered at high temperatures using strong cleaning chemicals.
We have removed boxed amenity items. Should you need anything like a sewing kit or shower cap,cutton pads,cleansing disks, please ask us.

Our tea tray offering will be simplified to minimise the number of items you may have touched. All items will still be available but on request..
We would ask you to wash your hands both on entering and leaving your bedroom using the antibacterial handwash which has been provided for during your stay.

Daily Cleaning
We’ve always had extremely high cleanliness standards using professional cleaning products.
We regret that we can’t clean your room on a daily basis if you are staying with us for four nights or less. For longer stays of 5 nights or more we will agree a freshen up day with you. We will however pop a little bucket outside each day to provide you with anything you require on a daily basis (eg toilet rolls, milk, your daily treat, tea bags, coffee pods). Please do ask if you need anything at all.

We ask that if possible you empty your own bin, placing sealed bags of rubbish outside your door for collection along with any dirty crockery, the milk flask and empty goody buckets before you go out for the day. You will find clean bin bags underneath the old one.

COVID-19 is an ‘enveloped’ virus and as such is within a group of viruses deemed easier to kill, whilst outside of a living body, through the use of an effective sanitising agent. We use a sanitiser accredited to BS EN 1276 standard, purchased at a professional level. We will be carrying out additional regular cleaning where necessary, in particular on customer touch points like handles and stair rails.
Appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) including a face mask, plastic apron and gloves will be used to clean a room then disposed of and a new set used for the next room. New cleaning cloths are also used for each bedroom to prevent cross-contamination. We wash our hands extremely frequently also using alcohol hand sanitiser in between cleaning the bedroom and bathroom and before moving to the next bedroom.

We have rearranged our sitting and breakfast room to maintain social distancing.
We may request an approximate breakfast time slot from you to stagger the number of guests in the breakfast area but mainly to avoid meeting on the staircase. 
Our breakfast buffet on the sideboard will unfortunately not be on display so we will let you know the items so that we can serve you anything you require from the kitchen.
Salt, pepper and sugar and sauces will now be available via disposable sachets. (sorry we hate them too but it won’t be forever) Jams, Marmalades and butter will be available as requested.
We  will take your order standing at a social distance. Plates of food will be delivered to the sideboard for you to collect. Dirty crockery can be placed here for us to take away or can be collected from your table when you have departed.

Check out
Before you check out, please open all your windows for ventilation, and leave out any hair dryers, remote controls or anything else you have used during your stay to allow us to sanitise them.
Where possible we would ask that you pay your invoice balance by phone prior to arrival. We will also accept payment by cash which can be placed on the sideboard for us to see.

Your key can be placed on the sideboard so that we can sanitise it before the next guest. Depending on the number of guests checking out that day we may request check out times be staggered.

Should you feel unwell during your stay with any of the common Coronavirus symptoms (ie fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell) then you must please notify us immediately. In line with Government guidance, you will be asked to check out immediately in order to self-isolate at your home address. Should your symptoms become worse you should seek medical advice. If you need help to do this let us know.

Alcohol hand sanitiser is be available at all times on the sideboard as will disinfectant wipes to allow you to clean your hands as you enter and leave the building and open the front door using a wipe so you don’t need to touch the handle should you wish.

Where conversation with you is only possible closer than current social distancing rules, we will wear a face covering if you or we wish and would kindly request you choose if you would like to do this (you will need to provide your own).

Should you hear the fire alarm, please evacuate as normal and keep a social distance from other guests where possible and whilst standing outside on the car park.

 Should we find coronavirus on site, or one of us as owners are tested positive or need to self-isolate, we may need to cancel your booking at short notice. Should this happen, a full refund or alternate dates will be offered.

The above represents a sample of the new health and safety measures being
implemented at Birchbank Bed & Breakfast. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to offer an overview of how we are working to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our guests and ourselves. All standards will be reviewed and re-evaluated regularly to ensure relevance and are subject to change based on the guidance of the WHO, local health and government authorities.
Should you require any help or have any questions before your stay, do please let us know by contacting us at or call 01397712092 / 07740574777.


We look forward to welcoming you.